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"At dusk, everyone lighted wish lanterns. After my husband and I launched the first, I looked around, and our family and friends had broken into twos and threes — little groups of old friends, new loves, siblings, parents with children. Their faces lit up as they made their wishes and watched the lanterns float away into the sky. The long-married couples were having as much fun as the kids, and I just stood there enjoying the feeling of us being one of those couples in the making and becoming part of a big, living, growing family.”

Lisa & Dave's wedding at Liberty Farms
You can see more of Lisa & Dave's wedding here.
“I got ready for the wedding in the bridal suite of the Bryant Park Hotel along with my five bridesmaids — each of whom represented a different period of my life. We faced the park and saw the entire wedding ceremony being set up on the Grill's rooftop before the wedding actually started. I felt like, as a bride, you depend on so many others to ensure your day goes as planned. I didn't have a hand in making sure all was in order while I was getting ready, so watching it unfold before my eyes made me feel even more excited; it calmed my fear of the slightest chance that the wedding wouldn't be as lovely as I had imagined it.”

Roz & Hayden's wedding at Bryant Park Grill

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