Featured on 'Merci New York' - Diana's Bridal Portraits

This winter I photographed Diana & Frank's wedding.  When I found out that Diana would be using her father's 1959 classic Cadillac Sedan de Ville on her wedding day I was thrilled.  Bridal Portraits were especially important since Diana chose not to have photography coverage while getting ready. Her wedding was in December so I knew we would be loosing light early. End of day winter light is majestic so we scheduled the shoot before the ceremony to make sure I photographed Diana in natural light.  She is so beautiful and I wanted to capture her in the warm glow of the sun with all the rich textures from her winter wedding.  I also decided to shoot with my twin lens camera using black & white film to help create that classic aesthetic since we were having fun shooting with her father's car.
You can see the full post here.  Thank you Merci New York!

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