Sabrina & Josef

Sabrina & Josef's wedding was simply beautiful. Elegant and tender. I love that they held their ceremony at their home surrounded by family. Their day was filled with intimate details.

We each find a way to make our wedding special. The simple connections to our life, loves and family.

Sabrina's flowers were from her own garden. Earlier in the day her mother picked and arranged her bouquet. The dogwood in her hair is her mother-in-law's favorite.

Everyone celebrated with a glass of champagne afterwards before we headed to the city for more celebrating.

It had rained that morning so Sabrina took off her stunning gold Dolce & Gabbana shoes and ran bare foot through the grass .


  1. The photos of this dress, the personally selected flowers, the green grass, the couple on the swing...well I think they are just brilliant. Ms. Kantzos has really captured the love and closeness of this couple and their family on this fairytale day.

    And WOW, this dress is special. I don't know if I'm skinny enough to pull it off, but Sabrina, you look spectacular.

  2. The layering on that dress is stunning! and what a lovely lilac bouquet, love that the bride picked the fresh flowers from her very own garden.