Beautiful Things

It was easy to find inspiration in these stunning pieces. If I can,  I always like to photograph the smaller things that matter. The process leading up to a couple's wedding day is just as important as the day itself and I want to hear the stories behind those details.  Each photograph is rich with history ~ With this couple the bride found her shoes in a small shop while in Bavaria with her sister. Her wedding day purse was hand made. A gift from a friend. She got to choose the vintage frame decorated with beautiful beadwork and the iridescent gold material to compliment it. Crazy! And she found the pearl earings were an elegant mix of ancient and modern design. Her inspiration for their wedding.

Her husband surprised her with the engagement ring.  He offered to exchange it for any other ring - she told him it was perfect! The organic design & rainbow of colored diamonds in her wedding band says so much about their personalities.


  1. These truly are beautiful things. One cannot help but wonder about the wedding gown that they belong to! What lovely photographs. More please.

  2. WOW! Beautiful photographs. I love the flower girls. - Claudia

  3. Yes, I would love to see the gown as well. I think those earring are perfection. What a lovely story. (Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you come back to visit!)